Every family has a story tell, welcome to ours…

We are brothers, sisters, mothers, and fathers from all different places that God has brought together as one family. We represent many nations and tribes. Many of us came from the streets, but that does not define us.

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We are dependant on the kind and generous giving of those that support us

We cannot do what we do without you! Your gifts and support make the work of the Rapha House possible. Thank you for becoming involved with our family’s story and the work of God in Mombasa.


100% of all donations go directly to the Rapha House operations


Support to students who do not yet have a sponsor


Daily physical needs, including housing, food, clothes, medical/dental care, and more


Community Outreach: The Rapha Family offers aid (food, clothes, help with rent, etc.), as they are able, to those around them in need


The Rapha House is a Family

A collection of brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers, differing in ages, tribes and nations who God has brought together as one family, under one roof. Many of us came from the streets, but that does not define us.

We currently have 15 Rapha Family members in school, including 5 young adults who have successfully made it into University and College.

Each year around 20 of our students are provided their housing, schooling, personal counsel and a safe family environment. We maintain strong connections with the local street community and villages. This connects us with immediate needs in the area, especially intaking new students, and helps us best support the existing community with outreaches and practical projects.

Rapha House has been so successful with the vulnerable youth in the streets because we are a family. We live together, we eat together, we study the Word together, we worship and pray together in genuine daily relationships. Year after year, we have seen it proven true that God changes people’s lives when we extend our love in prayer.


Setting roots in Mombasa & giving kids a life-changing opportunity

In 2007, four friends were backpacking through East Africa and came upon the street community in Mombasa. Seeing an enormity of problems: small kids doing drugs, human trafficking, prostitution, young pregnant girls, violence and no adults to protect them, the group decided that instead of turning a blind eye, they would stay and learn more.

After spending months in the dumpsite with street children, playing games, and learning bits of Swahili, the four friends made a much larger family of friends and started to strategize on how to give these kids access to life-changing opportunities. A small non-profit emerged built on family values and practical outreach. For the past 13 years, Rapha House Kenya has had the privilege of setting roots in the Mombasa street community, and taking these precious, vulnerable youths from the midst of destruction, from dust, and watching them transform into diamonds.


Rapha House Kenya exists to find and invite these forgotten ones to reach their full potential

We are a not-for-profit organization located in the heart of Mombasa, designed to empower, educate, equip, and give purpose to the at-risk, urban youth of Mombasa. Our desire is to give the local youth tools to bring positive change to the community as well as benefit the overall community of Mombasa, Kenya and beyond!

The future of Mombasa is in the hands of the youth.. There are severe problems with drugs and human trafficking, prostitution, violence, disease, and poverty. As a result, kids struggle for survival in the streets. Overwhelming numbers of youths are rendered idle; out of school and jobless. Many of these at-risk youths turn to drug abuse and gang violence, or face teenage pregnancies, prostitution, and depression. Some are even enticed to join terrorist groups.